Monday, July 25, 2016

The Best Women's Shoes of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

In honor of my cankles and legs shrinking back to normal after pregnancy (hallelujah...I feel like a new woman!!, this post is dedicated to the fact that I can wear normal shoes again. Hello ankles, my old's been a while! 
I scoured the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for the best women's shoes and I want each and every pair below :) Good luck choosing, my friends! There are some incredible finds where you can save a LOT of money before the prices go back up.
If you missed my best picks of the sale under $50, click HERE. There are SO many great items!

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Best of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Under $50!!

Hey, guys! The best sale of the year, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, is here! Prices go UP in August. I found some really great finds!

Early access is going on right now and it opens up to the public tomorrow, July 22nd. Since I am pumping my breast milk for my babies every 3 hours, I took the time while sitting there to scour the entire site and pick the BEST of the BEST, ALL under $50!!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Birth Story of our Miracle Twins

(Not written in a letter to our children time :) ) See the first part of the story here.

After Doctor Glenn came in to tell me that he needed to deliver the babies, I called Tyler and told him. He was at home still recovering from deviated septum surgery. If we would have known we would be having the babies so soon, we would have pushed off the surgery! It really was horrible timing because I needed him to be there, but also wanted him to recover at home so that he could be present when the babies actually arrived. Oh, well! Roll with the punches. I was so excited that I would get to meet my babies soon, I tried to focus on that. I couldn't believe it! I then called my mom and she came to hospital. I took a shower and my mom went home to get some supplies for me. Before I got in the shower, I seriously told her, "mom, you have GOT to come look at me." I mean, someone had to witness the swelling and I had no shame; it was just unreal! My hips, butt, legs, ankles and feet were MASSIVE. We both laughed for a minute.

When she got back to the room, she blow dried my hair while I was in bed. It was then time to start inducing me! I got a steroid shot the night before, and then another one that night because it helps the babies' lungs to mature faster if they are being born early. The nurse checked my dilation and put in the medicine next to my cervix at the same time. She had to reach her hand around Harris' head and it was probably the most painful thing that I have felt! It was kind of traumatic.. When my mom came back in, we all talked about the epidural and we decided that now was a good time to get it, before they had to check my cervix again. The medicine they put in to help dilate my cervix also makes the inside burn and I did not want to do that again! 

My in-laws Walt and Carol came at that time, and Walt stepped out of the room while I got the epidural. The anesthesiologist was really nice and said that I did really well and was tough! I think being so swollen actually helped. He said that he had to go in an extra inch to get past all of the swelling. I think because of that it was less painful which was nice; it was better than I expected. After I got the epidural, we all laid there and talked, and Drew and Rachel picked up and brought Tyler to the hospital. Heather and Casey and their kids, Lindsay, Katelin and Katelyn all came too.

I was in labor all night and I was dilating a centimeter about every hour once I started progressing. The nurse came in and kept checking me all night so I only got about an hour and a half of sleep. In the morning, July 13th, doctor Glenn came in and was so surprised that I had already dilated to a 3! Normally it takes about 3 or 4 pills to get to where I was so he said it was even more of an indication that my body was ready to get these babies out. I was in labor all day, and I had the epidural pump in my hand so I could press the button when I started to feel the pains more.
My mom called and asked if I wanted her to come and I told her I was trying to rest so I was by myself most of the day. Tyler's dad brought him at about 4 pm and we tried to take a nap but we kept getting interrupted because the nurse had to check how much I was dilated and  and my mom came a bit later too because she was so excited! It was so nice to have them there. Tyler was so tired because he was still recovering and was pushing himself too hard; he should have been resting but there was no turning back now! The doctor said that was would have the babies that evening most likely. We were all really excited! Pretty soon I was at an 8 and my doctor came and checked me and things started to fly by! He could feel Harris' head right when he put his hand in. He said that he had to deliver me and a c-section so he wanted to test and see who should go first. Looks like it was me! All of the sudden it was time to go and they gave Tyler a suit to put on for the operating room! I had to deliver in an operating room in case he couldn't get out Goldie. Baby B, or the second baby to be born, is hard because when baby A is out, there is a lot more room and Baby B can completely flip around the wrong way with all the extra space.

Tyler put his gear on, then they started to wheel my bed out of the room. My mom said goodbye at the door. I was crying because I was so nervous and it was all overwhelming. My doctor asked if I was okay and I told him yes, that I just nervous. 

My doctor instructed the nurse what to do when baby A came out and where to place her hands on my stomach so that baby B wouldn't go too far over and flip. He gave instructions to the nurses, and then it was time to push! He said that he was waiting for another contraction. They told me how to push and where to put my hands, which was underneath my legs and to pull towards me. My doctor was surprised that I still could move my legs! It was a good thing though; the anesthesiologist did a great job and the medicine numbed me where it should (down "there" ;) ) but I could still move my legs quite a bit. When another contraction came, they told me to take a deep breath hold it, then to push and the nurse counted for 10 seconds. Then I took another deep breath and did the same thing. I think we rested for a minute, and then when another contraction came, I did the same thing. I can't remember how many times I pushed, but it wasn't very many. Harris came out at 6:31 pm and we got a little cry right when he came out! The doctor held him up, said, "this is your blood, not his" to reassure me, and then handed him to the doctor's who put him on a bed and started to make sure he was okay.

Another contraction came, and when the doctor could see that Goldie was in a good position, I pushed. I felt like my head was going to pop off each time! I told my doctor that and he said that sometimes people will pop blood vessels. I wanted to push as hard as possible but I was legitimately concerned that my veins in my head would pop! I pushed a couple of times through contractions, but Goldie kept flipping the wrong way. Tyler told me later that he was getting concerned because it was taking longer than expected. In between one of the contractions, one of the doctors asked me if I wanted to hold Harris. I got to hold my baby boy for the first time while his sister was still in my belly! I also got to see Tyler hold him and it was one of those moments that I will never forget. Tyler has wanted to be a dad for years, and I loved seeing him hold his son for the first time. All of the sudden, another contraction came on and the doctor said, "okay, it's time to go to work!" I handed Harris back to Tyler. It was a little chaotic because I had to start pushing right away!

Finally, after about 15 minutes, we got our precious girl out at 6:45 pm and she wasn't breathing right away so the doctor cleared her nose and mouth. He cut her umbilical cord and we got a nice cry out of her! They whisked her away to the next room to work on her. It was hard for me to breathe so they gave me some oxygen up my nose. It was now time to deliver both placentas. My doctor pushed his hand on my belly to try to get them in the right position and it really hurt so he asked the nurse to get the anesthesiologist again and gave me some medicine through my IV. I was bleeding pretty badly at first, and then it stopped. He said that he was glad he could wait the 5 minutes for the medication to start working because if I had been hemorrhaging, he would have had to get the placentas out right away. My mouth was completely dry so I asked if I could have a drink or ice, and the doctor asked one of the nurses to get me some ice. When the medicine started to kick in, I couldn't feel the bad pain any more, and he delivered both placentas. I actually didn't even get a glimpse of them! I was always curious as to what they would look like, but I was so out of it on medication that I laid there trying to breathe deeply and ate a few ice chips.

Since Goldie kept flipping, I tore and the doctor had to stitch me up. We didn't think I would tear because the babies were small. He took his time doing a good job with the stitching. When he was done, it was time to wheel me back to my room. As soon as I got to the room and was rolling in, my body started going into shock and I started shaking uncontrollably. This was the worst part about the delivery. It started to hurt my jaw and my neck. I felt so cold and I was shaking SO hard. My sweet mom met at the door, and was surprised and said, "she's shaking." She then held my head and laid with me on the bed, trying to help me relax. She even laid on top of me because she knew that the extra weight would help with the shaking. Finally, after what seemed like an hour (it could have been, I can't remember), the nurse called my doctor and asked if she could give me some medicine to help relax my muscles. She put it in the IV and my body finally started to calm down. That was by far the worst part about delivering!

Harris weighed 4 lb, 1 oz and Goldie weighed 3 lbs, 14 oz. Goldie was 17 inches long and Harris was 17.5 inches long.

All of our family arrived and Tyler took them all, 3 people at a time, into the NICU to visit the babies. He said that after I delivered them, he spent about an hour in there watching the doctors work on them. He said that he didn't want to leave because he was nervous that they wouldn't let him back in :) After he got the information that he could come and go, he brought all of our family in to visit them. I was laying on the bed back in my room and very out of it. My father-in-law fed me some grapes, everyone would help with giving me ice chips, and my sweet mom fed me a turkey sandwich. I hadn't eaten anything in 24 hours. A couple hours later (I had to ask Tyler how long because my reference for time was way off), the nurse checked me to make sure that I was still looking okay down under ;) and then they transferred me to a wheelchair. I was freezing so they wrapped me up in warm blankets. They wheeled me to the NICU to see my babies. I forgot that this happened and a couple days ago I was looking through photos and was reminded that I had gone to see them! After I saw them in the NICU, they took me up to the Mother and Baby floor to a new room. This room was a lot smaller. I got settled in with the help of the nurses, Tyler, my mom and in-laws.

The nurses woke me a up few hours later to pump and I have been pumping every 3 hours since. My colostrum came in right away the first pump which I was honestly so surprised about! I think it's amazing that our bodies know what to do. Truly a miracle, really, that our bodies can grow humans and then know what to do feed them.

The following morning I woke up and felt unbelievably horrible! I was still on the magnesium sulfate IV and everyone, all the nurses, doctors and anyone I have talked to has said it makes you feel awful. My doctor came in and told me he was really excited about my babies because he said that he hadn't expected them to do so well being born so early. He told the nurses that they could take me off of my IV's. They did that, took out my catheter, and helped me to the bathroom. It's a miracle that I made it the bathroom with how horrible I felt. It was only a few feet away, and I took it really slowly so I wouldn't throw up or fall down, and I made it. A blood clot came out and I looked up at the nurse and said, "what is that?!" Oh man...nurses are incredible!! They see you at your most vulnerable you have ever been in your entire life, and they lovingly help you through it. I was so blessed by some incredible nurses while I was there.

Thursday was a blur. The magnesium sulfate was still in my system. I had people trying to come in to talk to me, like the lactation consultant, and it was all so overwhelming because my body and brain just wanted to sleep. I talked to my mom and told her that I needed her to leave work and come help me. I had forgotten to have Tyler bring my glasses and my face and eyes were so swollen that I couldn't put in my contacts so it was really hard to deal with everything and also have everyone and everything be so blurry. My mom drove to my house, got the glasses and drove to the hospital to help take care of me. She worked for several hours with my insurance to order a breast pump. Tyler still couldn't drive himself at this point because he was still taking hydrocodone for his surgery and he had a follow up appointment that same morning. The best timing ever ;) His sister dropped him off after the appointment later that afternoon and we went to go visit our babies. OUR BABIES! We still can't get over it.

Tyler and I talked for a while by ourselves in the room, and I cried a lot too! Whew, what a crazy couple of days. My body was exhausted to the extreme. I needed to have some one-on-one time with my Tyler.

After he left, my mom came back and we decided that we needed to go see the babies again! It was getting a little late but we love them and couldn't stay away. We happened to show up at the NICU right when they were going to do their first sponge bath, so we got to help. The nurse showed me how to do it and I helped give Harris his first bath. After that I was tired and needed to sit down and pump so my mom got my pumping supplies back in the room and I sat there and pumped while she helped give Goldie her first bath. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen in my whole life! Goldie was crying and didn't like it at first, so the nurse gave her a little bit of sugar water on her binky and her eyes opened wider and she started sucking her binky so hard! It was SO cute and one of my favorite moments so far with her. She then laid there and sucked her binky while they washed her hair and it made me laugh because I felt like she thought she was having a spa day or something. Her precious hair being combed...oh, I couldn't even handle the cuteness!

When we got back to the room, I laid in bed and I was feeling kind of anxious so my mom laid there with me on my bed for a little bit. A girl always needs her mama, whether she's 9 or 29 like me. She had been working so hard taking care of me that she was exhausted too!

The next day I woke up and I was starting to feel a lot better than the day before. I ate my breakfast, continued to pump every 3 hours, and when Tyler got to the hospital, we did skin to skin with our little babies. Harris LOVED it on his daddy's chest, you can definitely tell that he is our cuddler boy. Goldie liked it but didn't soak it up as much as Harris did. He completely settled down and she would whimper every now and then but still loved snuggling with her mama. I think she had more room in my uterus because his head was pushed down into my pelvis, so I think she's used to more room and he likes being snug.

I got checked out of the hospital on Friday night. Tyler stopped to get us some burritos on the way home, and he got up with me every 3 hours to help me with pumping. I would pump and then he would carefully use the syringe to get every single drop of colostrum for the babies and put it into a container.  We went back to the hospital the next day to see our babies and did skin to skin with them together on both Saturday and Sunday. Tyler got to do skin to skin with them both at the same time and he had changed both of their diapers twice before I did. He's a good daddy!

Now...onto their health! Goldie needed a PICC line to help regulate her blood sugar and she needed a CPAP mask to help her breathe at first. Then she got off of it, and Harris needed it. They both needed to be under the lights because their bodies weren't getting rid of their red blood cells fast enough. Goldie is pretty content sprawling out, but my poor baby snuggler Harris hates not being bundled up. They found some liquid in his lungs and suspected pneumonia so he had to have IV for his antibiotics, and they found a heart murmur and discovered that one of the valves in his heart hadn't closed so they put him on Tylenol every 6 hours for 5 days and hope that will help it. Seeing him with his CPAP on absolutely broke my heart because I could tell that he was so uncomfortable. He would always have foam/spit coming out of his mouth. They also had to sedate him to put a medicine in his lung to help clear up the liquid, so he had some blood coming out of his mouth. One time he cried so hard that his throat became raspy and I started crying too. It is absolutely torture to see your tiny baby boy struggle like that; it broke my heart! Every time I would talk about him I would start crying because I would picture his sweet little body struggling.

Both babies were tested for LCHAD which stands for Long-chain 3 hyroxyacyl CoA Dehydrogense. Basically, it's a disease where they can't digest all fats including those in breast milk. It's really difficult and you have to be on a special diet your whole life if you have it. A couple of Tyler's cousins children have it, so we wanted to be extra careful and wait to give them my breast milk until we found out they were negative. Tyler's sweet cousin lost her baby boy 3 days after he was born because they didn't know it was an option that he could have it, so now the whole family is starting to get tested. The babies have been eating a non-fat formula and I have been freezing my milk, which came in while I was pumping at the hospital on Sunday.

Today I woke up from my nap and I had the best voicemail of my life from one of their doctors. They both came back negative for LCHAD so they are starting them on my breastmilk today!! Harris was able to go on room air yesterday and is tolerating it very well, he is done with his antibiotics and his heart murmur sounds like it might be getting more quiet which means they hoping that the Tylenol is working. Answered prayers!! I couldn't bear to see him with his CPAP on because his face getting so swollen and he was looking miserable. I know God heard my prayers.

Being their mama is literally the best thing that has ever happened to me in my whole life. They have the most special, innocent spirits and I like to just sit by their little cribs and marvel at their tiny, perfect features. I was just staring at Goldie's precious little legs the other day while I was pumping by her. Her little calves, her ankles, her toes. Their bodies are so beautiful. Every single hard thing I did to get them here; the procedures, the shots, the tears; it was all worth it. We love our babies so much! Tyler texted me yesterday and asked, "are you with the kids?" and I couldn't believe that we get to have children. My little family of four is my greatest gift.

All photos are from Caitlin Nicole Photography. She captured the most incredible day of our lives. Her Web site is here, and her Instagram account is here. Thank you, Caitlin!!





Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Babies are Being Born Early!

To my beautiful children,
We have had quite the change of events in the last day! I drove home from work at about 1:15 yesterday afternoon to take your daddy to his follow up appointment after his sinus surgery. We have been quite the pair over the weekend, by the way. Two people that can hardly take of themselves taking care of each other! While at the appointment, I asked the nurse to check my blood pressure because the swelling in my legs has gotten unbelievably bad and I know that rising blood pressure as well as edema can be a sign of preeclampsia. When I went for my non-stress test last Thursday, they said that they start to worry when the top number is at or above 140. The nurse measured my blood pressure and it was 140/100. I called my doctor's office and my doctor was not in, but the nurse practitioner told me to go home immediately and lay down and rest, stay hydrated, then come in the following morning to see my doctor. 

I went home, drank a full bottle of water, and laid in bed and slept for about 45 minutes. When I woke up, I just wasn't feeling right. I knew something was off. I walked downstairs and told your dad this, and although he wasn't feeling well, he made me some leftover dinner from the night before because I was really hungry and even fed me some of it :) Before finishing eating, I set my plate down and just felt nervous. I called my mom to get her advice and she said to call my doctor again. I called his cell phone and he told me to go straight into Labor and Delivery. This whole time I was a bit nervous too because I didn't feel well enough to drive and your dad is still on pain meds from his surgery so he can't drive. I knew my mom would come pick us up but she was still at work so that might take a while. While I was on the phone with my doctor, we hear a ring at the door and there's Popsy (your grandpa!) He randomly decided to come over and see how we were doing. He's maybe done this 3 times in the 8 years that your dad and I have been married. It was perfect timing and an answer to my worried heart. 

We asked him to drive us to the hospital, so we got in the car and he dropped us off in the front then went to park. I could tell your dad wasn't feeling well; he should have brought his pain meds but we both forgot and he told me to not worry about him and took good care of me. We checked in and were put into a room to be observed, and then your Gigi and Grandpa (my mom and step dad) showed up about 5 minutes later. It was so nice to have everyone there. They checked my blood pressure every 10 minutes, got a blood sample to test the protein in my urine which is a sign of preeclampsia and then decided to admit me because my blood pressure was going up and there was protein in my urine. If preeclampsia leads to eeclampsia, that means that I could have siezures and it also causes damage to my organs.

My doctor came at about 10 pm and said that I would go into maternal fetal medicine the following morning and he also wanted to monitor my urine for protein for 24 hours so I have a urine catch thing in the toilet and I pee into it, then I have to dump it into a large container that is sitting on ice in bathtub.

Your Gigi, grandpa and dad went to Chik-fil-A to get something to eat and then grandpa took your daddy home. His nose started bleeding and I could tell that he wasn't feeling well at all. He packed up my things while Facetiming me so he could make sure to get all everything I needed, then took his pain meds and went to bad. Grandpa came and gave me my things. In the meantime, Gigi was with me and brought me a salad and chicken nuggets. They left, the nurse (who was SO nice) gave me an ambien to help me sleep then would come in during the night to check my blood pressure and adjust the monitor on my belly to monitor your heart rates. I didn't sleep well at all and got to sleep at about 1 am then woke up sporadically with the nurse checking my blood pressure and readjusting the heart rate monitors. I woke up at about 6 am then couldn't fall back asleep. The nurse came in to check my blood pressure again (a different nurse), then give me my thyroid medicine.

I brushed my teeth and put on some makeup (I never know what the day will bring lol), then found out I wouldn't be seeing the maternal fetal specialist for a few hours when they had an opening. I ordered breakfast (a breakfast sandwich, applesauce and blueberry muffin), then laid in bed and a new nurse came in and monitored my blood every hour.  I then took a nap and later in the day, the maternal fetal specialist came in and said that she was going to suggest to my doctor that it was time to have the babies that day because my preeclampsia was progressing. My doctor came in later and told me that I was a lot more sick than I felt and if the babies stayed in me, it would be a lot more of an emergency situation. He wanted to be able to calmly get them delivered. It was time to start inducing me!

To be continued!

Monday, July 11, 2016

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I hope you have a great Monday, and thanks for stopping by :)


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Sunday, July 10, 2016

32 Weeks Pregnant with Twins!

To my beautiful children,

We made it to 32 weeks, babies! I always google what babies born at whatever week I'm at look like, and at 32 weeks, you're looking adorable! A full on baby, just skinny. You're adding a 1/2 pound each per week and I'm so proud of my little chubsters. Mama loves her a chubby baby. You're each 4 pounds, so including the extra placenta that I'm carrying since you each have your own, it's like I'm carrying a 9.5 pound baby right now. And I still have SIX WEEKS left. Whew. You're making your mama really uncomfortable. Like, more uncomfortable than I ever thought possible. 

I always thought about getting pregnant; that was my end goal for years through IVF and every procedure. Even when we found out we were having twins, I didn't really think about how hard it was going to be. It is a physical marathon like I have never known! Three weeks ago at my doctor's appointment, he told me that my belly was as big as a 40-week full term singleton belly. Now it's three weeks later and my body has really started to feel it. I had some slight swelling up until that point, but now I have extreme swelling throughout my entire body. Like, my legs look I'm training for the sumo wresting world championships and I'm going to WIN. It's unbelievable to look in the mirror and see my body change like this. The hard part is walking and moving because my legs are so thick that they rub together when I walk a lot and my ankles are so huge that I literally have rolls on my ankles so they are hard to bend. I drink lots of water and try to limit my sodium intake. The only thing that helps slightly is elevating my legs, but then the second I start walking or standing, they fill up again like balloons. It's super glamorous and comfortable :)

I end up in tears about every other night. I feel decent (well, decent for the new standard of living) in the mornings, but then when the night time rolls around, I am reduced to bawling! It's nice to let it all out. It's hard being so uncomfortable all of the time; whether I'm laying, sitting or standing. 

It's hard to breathe with you peanuts pushing up against my lungs, and I've had acid reflux the last few weeks so I started taking an acid controller. I also sleep propped up in bed with literally 4 or 5 pillows every night. It's a circus! We slept at your Gigi's house (that's what we have decided that we want you to call my mom), and your cute grandpa Steve let me sleep in his bed with Gigi so I could be more comfortable. When we were heading up there to their house for the 4th of July, I walked downstairs with a giant black trash bag and your aunt Jocelyn asked me what it was. "My pillows," I said :) I'm a little high maintenance right now...but I'm in survival mode!

I was at the mall the other day and a nice lady told me that I looked really good. Then, when I was walking out, this other lady said really loud, "Look at her! She's HUGE!" Yes, I'm being serious. I just smiled because what else could I do? So awkward and insensitive. Well, if I have to be huge to carry you two miracles, then so be it. My friend told me that I should have said something like, "the gym is across the street, and it looks like you could use it yourself!" Ha ha ha she wasn't being serious, but it made me laugh. 

I have honestly been really self conscious going in public and showing by big ankles and legs. It's been embarrassing, and even though I told myself that I wouldn't be self conscious, it has been hard not to be! I'm taking good care of myself and I don't want people to think that I'm not, I guess. It's weird. I was in church today though, and I saw one couple who had lost one of their twins after they were born; they were born extremely early. I also thought of a woman that my mom told me about who has been trying to have children for 10 years. She finally got pregnant with twins after doing IVF, then lost one of the twins in her first trimester and is devastated. Thinking about these sweet women made me stronger. I can do this. It will be so worth it to see your precious bodies, to get to raise you, to see your daddy hold you and the joy that will come because of you. It is a mental game at this point and I need to try to stay really positive! It was easier for me to stay positive and encouraged during IVF for some reason. Right now since I constantly feel absolutely horrible, it's wearing on me! It makes me really grateful for my normally good health. I know that this will pass before I know it. I just need to endure.

I went to my doctor again last week and he said, "I have good and bad news," with a smirk on his face. He said that everything is looking so good that I'll most likely go the full 38 weeks which is full term for twins. If I haven't gone into labor by August 18th, he will induce me then!

We have had a really busy couple of weeks; we went to Lake Powell with daddy's family and then we went up to Oakley (just an hour away) for the 4th of July with my side of the family. I slept a lot at both places and it was to relax. 

Your dad is my favorite when he tells me that he wants to "hold the babies." He takes both hands and holds my belly for a minute. You're both moving around SO much, and at my first non-stress test on Thursday, it was like you knew I could see you so you were moving around like crazy! They focused the ultrasound on Goldie and your diaphragm was moving up and down practicing breathing and your little mouth was opening and closing. The nurses looked over and I had tears streaming down my face! I didn't expect that; the miracle of you two in my belly just hits me really hard sometimes. 

I had my first prenatal massage last Thursday as well, and it felt really nice. I was hoping that it would help with the swelling, but it didn't. I'm going in again next week and I'm going to ask her to focus mainly on my legs and ankles. I took an epsom salt bath tonight because I heard that helps with swelling. It didn't help either...and I notice some stretch marks on my bum/hip when I was getting into the bath! All of the major and rapid swelling is starting to take its toll on me. 

Your daddy got nasal surgery on Friday so it has been quite the weekend! He has the worst sinuses I have ever seen, so we have been quite the pair. I have been taking care of him a lot more than normal this weekend and he said that he feels bad since I'm the pregnant one. I just want his sinuses to be better so that he can breathe normally! The doctor said he could breathe at 10% capacity through one of his nostrils. We are hoping this helps a lot. When he was waking up from the anesthesia at the hospital, he told me that he wanted to drive home because he wanted to keep me safe since I'm pregnant with twins. I was laughing SO hard. He also said that he didn't want anyone to take away his freedom, and then sang "Freedom!" several times. I was dying!

Your aunts and Grammy on the Parcell side threw us the beautiful baby shower on Thursday night! Aunt Rachel is so creative and did an incredible job planning it, and since she is expecting her baby boy in September, it was a combined shower. It was stunning and we are so excited to welcome three babies into the family so soon! I'll post more pictures when she gets them back from the photographer. 

Well, babies. You better be REALLY cute because I'm putting up with a lot of crap for you. I mean....what I meant to say is that this is so worth it :) Both of these statements are true ;)

For real though, you're worth everything and we are so excited to have you join our family. I love feeling your sweet little bodies move inside my belly. I dream about seeing you for the first time and I can't wait!

I love you!



You can check out Rachel's blog here :) 

This dress is non-maternity but I got a bigger size! It helped me feel a little less awkward at church today :) 

Remember how my legs didn't use to look like a sumo wrestler? Ha ha ha...

First non-stress test! My hat is here and my dress is here. This is by far my most comfortable maternity dress; probably because it covers my legs :)

My giant cankles after the shower on Thursday. Glamorous. My dress is super comfy though! I love that I can wear it even when I'm not pregnant.

I got these socks at my shower. Yeah...I obviously can't wear them yet...